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11:30 AM - 1:21 PM (1:51)

Prompt: Organize 
Title: Organitron 1300

This AI operated forklift can organize your entire warehouse. Damages ONLY 1 in 3 packages!

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9:15 PM - 11:12 PM (1:57)

Prompt: Label
Title: Etchtronic-RW 1TB

Read & write labels on the move with this handheld, laser equipped super unit. 1 Terabyte drive, not included. 

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I guesstimate about 3 Hrs.

Prompt: Rewind
Title: Rewind V6

Over 300hp. Maximum torque, 3.0l. No resistance, rewind the longest tapes in 60 seconds or less. 

work in progress

Flow Session 7:30 PM - 9:01 PM (1:31)


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9:00 PM - 10:30 PM (1:30)

Prompt: Pound
Title: Pound-Matic v1.12

Pound a nail in one blow. Electromagnetic nail holder. Remote hands free operation. Also very safe. 😬.

work in progress


2:44 PM - 3:00'ish PM & 5:00'ish PM - 11:31 PM (6:45)

I started. Took an unscheduled nap. Then started again. 

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8:00 PM - 11:39 PM (3:09)

Prompt: See
Title: See-Smaller 272

See the most smallest of the small. Never have you see anything smaller. See the very very small.  

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Timeline unknown, having a bad day. Just get'n er done. 

Prompt: Auto
Title: Auto_Chop 3.01

Accelerate charcuterie night into light speed with this all stainless, 420w chopper. Guaranteed for life, never sharpen. 

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9:40 AM - 10:30 AM & 11:31 PM - 2:43 AM (4:02)

Prompt: Currency
Title: Pocket Mint 15

Need a little change in your life? Mint coins on the spot with this portable digital-analogue fabricator. 

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9:15 PM - 12:18 AM (3:03)

Prompt: Shift
Title: Shift Master 200

Send your productivity into overdrive. Blinding speed, accurate & precise. Get rich quick, retire early. Don't sweat. 

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8:30 PM - 12:54 AM (4:24)

Prompt: Increase
Title: Intelligizer_Mark 1

Increase general intelligence with this state of the art electronic computer brain interface. 

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Using the Sketch a Day app again. 8:23 PM - 12:54 AM (4:31)

Prompt: Fill
Title: Retired Fill-Bot 6000

Tried, tested & true. Fillin like a villin since 2069. Precision hydration delivery system never spills a drop. 

work in progress

Impromptu flow session. 8:57 PM - 10:56 PM (1:59) 


work in progress

On a roll. 8:29 PM - 11:36 PM (3:07)