Title: Leaf No Trace


I decided to make an investment in myself and buy a scanner. I have, probably a hundred pieces or more that I've never shared simply because I didn't really have a good way to upload quality representations. I have in the past used print services but it can be costly or inconvenient. So here we are. The quality of this first scan is great, if you look closely even the grain in the paper can is visible. Although, what you can't see is the effect of my ink choices. A lot of my pen work is done in gel and I really like to use metallic colors set with thick lines to create a stained glass look or feel. The ink is thick and lays on top of the paper giving texture & depth to the simple shapes. I also really like that by using the scanner I no longer need to digitally enhance the images, you are getting a more real digital representation of the physical piece. Feel free to comment, the good the bad & the ugly. All feedback is welcome!

Medium: Pencil, Pen
Dimensions: 2.5X2.5 Inches
Time: 1 Hour, 47 Minutes
#art #artlovers #artoftheday #illustration #pen #pencil

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