Morning Coffee, Something New


I've been wanting to start a new piece with a mushroom theme. I struggle with finding the time to put in the full flow sessions I enjoy most. I can't let that slow me down though, we've got things to create! All pieces start like this in pencil with rough linework. That's pretty normal, right? lol. I wish it could be perfection first time every time. I'll probably work a on this a little more this evening. I'm really looking to do some live sketching, will probably experiment with a few platforms. If your interested, I think first one will be on Facebook. No promises, but maybe soon.

Title: Mushroom Melody
Medium: Pencil
Dimensions: 18X13 Centimeters
Time: 10 Minutes
Prints & more:
#art #artlovers #artoftheday #illustration #pencil #mushroom

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