Morning Coffee, Something New


Day 9: A new week & some more inkwork. Some days, I get into the flow and I long to just create all day. I'm amped up to dig into the bark work on the tree. I love the fine details & though it may work against me I always stive to cram as much onto the paper as possible.

This morning the sun isn't beaming quite like it has been over the last few days but the birds are singing. I'm struggling with launching but I'm pushing through it. I know there are lots of you out there, rallying yourselves to face the day. You got this, I got this. Let's go!

Title: Mushroom Melody
Medium: Pencil
Dimensions: 18X13 Centimeters
Time: 20 Minutes
Prints & more:
#art #artlovers #artoftheday #illustration #pencil #mushroom

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