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Day 31: Am I done? Is it finished? I'm never sure lol. I've been looking this piece over & over, then over a little more. I may even be a little sad that its coming to an end.

Planning to do a live stream this evening, will probably chat over my thoughts & feelings about the final outcome. I may try to get this ready for prints or start something new.

I've been seeing a new piece in my mind, I'm eager to start trying out the lines. And to be honest, starting over is easier than following through :P I don't know why but I create these works, hang them up on the wall & look them over til I'm bored, Sometimes it takes days, months, some have been up on the wall for years. When I'm done, they go away into the dark. Its a shame, I'd like them to find good homes. Places where they will be cherished & protected. They all contain a bit of my life force, time frozen in the ink. Future, present & past, after the final line.

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Title: Mushroom Melody
Medium: Pencil, Pen, Marker
Dimensions: 18X13 Centimeters
Time: 10 Minutes
Prints & more:
#art #artlovers #artoftheday #illustration #pencil #pen #marker #mushroom

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