Title: Washed Away

In this piece I was trying to capture an experience I had a while back. I was hiking along the beach at Tanners Point, Nova Scotia and it was a rough day on the ocean. I was walking quite close to the water and to be honest, I was kinda nervous. The sound of the waves were thunderous and I could feel the crashing water shaking the beach. I experienced a moment of curiosity, awe, fear & reverence. I tried to depict the ocean as towering mountains poised to crash on the rocks & sand. I'm not sure I hit the mark but I tried and that's what counts. 

I ran into a few technical issues today. Turns out scanners don't do neon colors very well. The fluorescence messes with the image quality. Not a super big deal, it just forced me to pivot a little. Photographing is still an option, I scored a tripod outta the for free pile a while back and it needed a little work but it was mostly the camera mount that peaked my interest. A little cannibalizing & frankensteining I now have a solid platform to take photos on. I'm still experimenting with the lighting; With photography I run into another problem I was trying to fix with scanning. The works contain metallic inks and it causes reflections that sometimes distort the photos. I'll figure it out. 

Medium: Pencil, Pen, Marker on Bristol 

Dimensions: 2X2 Inches

Time: 2 Hours, 44 Minutes

#art #artlovers #artoftheday #illustration #pencil #pen #marker #footprints


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