Title: Wine n Dine


A long long time ago, I can still remember; A wine tasting I attended. This is a rendering of how the taste subject was presented. The bottle, an empty glass and a hooked table top holder (I think was made of shaped iron). Looked very much like rebar. It held bunches of the grape used for this sample production. The entire experience was beautiful. The winery was located in Grand Pré, Nova Scotia. Situated atop a hill overlooking the valley. I could see the perfectly straight rows of grape vines trailing off into the horizon. Picture perfect north mountain in the background. The building had tall ceilings topped with skylights that let in crystal clear sunlight bathing all the natural wood. I will never forget this place, this moment or the one I was with.

Medium: Pencil, Pen, Marker on Bristol
Dimensions: 2X2 Inches
Time: 2 Hours, 27 Minutes
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