Title: All Natural, Imperfect Coif

Often I sweat the details. And often it pays off. I am off the mind that if one is going to embark on a task, it is important to fully understand the desired outcome and all of the nuance in between. It is my opinion that without complete understanding, without patience, without excellence, the execution will likely be flawed. One, in turn misses the intended mark. Success requires the application of excellence. But... With that said, sometimes a little freeform experimentation is Ok. There are plenty of situations where the stakes aren't so high that one needs to apply maximum rigor. Sometimes ya just yolo it and the outcome renders spontaneous beautiful results. This piece is the result of simply acting. No planning, no nuance, it was executed in haste, I wasn't too worried about the destination. And despite all that, I am happy with the end result. I hope you are too. Enjoy, all comments welcome. 

Medium: Pencil, Pen, Digital

Dimensions: 2X2 Inches

Time: 45 Minutes

#art #artlovers #artoftheday #illustration #pencil #pen #chain 

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