Title: Temple Grounds - Guardian of Lucid Wisdom

I was able to progress the helm last night. I disappeared into a flow state almost immediately after taking my seat at the table. I had been dreaming all day about how the remainder of this piece will unfold. Something I've been really wanting to expand upon is the sense of atmosphere & vastness of the space I am trying to portray. In the past (even in this piece) I've made quite limited choices when it comes to color diversity; Its partly on purpose but also partly out of fear. I want all my art to be amazing but the truth is, nothing is perfect and by limiting risk I limit my chances of discovering something new & fantastic. I've been exploring social media for other amazing artist (and there are tons of them). In my adventures through the metasphere & pinterstellar space I've pick up a trick or two to help increase my toolkit of art skills. I can use these new skills to create harder, better, faster, stronger. More to come.

Medium: Pencil, Pen, Marker on Watercolor Paper
Dimensions: 12X18 Inches
Time: 3 Hour Session
#art #artlovers #artoftheday #illustration #pencil #pen #marker #templeguardian

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