Title: Dancing in the Dark


I've been progressing this piece. I really enjoy drawing the wires. I'm not sure why but it's one of my favorite things to draw. To anyone following my work you may have noticed a lot of my creations feature wire, cable or tendrils. It is unquestionably the most flow inducing type of creativity in my toolbox.

If I'm being honest, I've been embracing the flow double time these days. Any opportunity I have to disassociate & retreat into an alternate reality gets the full embrace. I am trying to embrace life but simultaneously escape it. I'm sure many of you are feeling the same day to day pressures present in my life. Inflation has completely crushed any professional/fiscal progress I've made over the years. Wages are stagnant & society seems allergic the idea of paying salaries a person can live on working full time, 35 Hours per week in my country/province. Rent & groceries are out of control. Owning a home is out of reach for most average workers. Access to health care is abysmal, people die in the 11th hour waiting to be seen. All I can do is lay flat, stay home. I detach myself from it all so I can tolerate standing upright in the shitstorm long enough to pay the government & our corporate overlords to exist.

Medium: Digital Ink
Dimensions: 1396X2471 Pixels
Time: Roughly 3 Hours.
#art #artlovers #artoftheday #illustration #digital

Prints & more: https://society6.com/ocdthreepio

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