Title: Tree One


Title: Tree One

Something new. I am experimenting with some new paper. Yupo Translucent; And it is not what I expected lol. It receives pencil quite well along with black pen. Colors on it are really weird. It doesn't really ever dry and the paper surface is wipeable. So the mediums remain quite malleable, I guess you could say. I'm not sure I like it. I have fifteen sheets to experiment with. I'll experiment with different mediums as well. Markers don't seem to be the optimal choice. As for the subject matter; Its a tree. I was listening to an artist interview yesterday and the artist suggested drawing trees. Lots of them. And I just so happen to live in the City of Trees. Stay tuned, more trees to come.

On a side note; Yesterday morning wasn't exactly rosey lol. Once inna while I get upset about life. When I finished my coffee and got out the door, things improved quite a bit. While grinding away at work I took a little time to reflect on the good in my life. I have a lot of positive things going on. I have a climate controlled shelter, running water & access to other services that contribute to my overall comfort. I have access to high speed global communications . I have a job I enjoy. I have family that loves me & solid friends. I can mostly afford to engage in my hobbies. I've recently had to access the health care system and though the physical services are still behind the times, access to mental health services has improved quite a bit. I live in a province & country that is mostly peaceful. I enjoy quite a bit of freedom. Overall, life is good'ish. There is always room for improvement. And I understand it's my responsibility to put in the effort. So I flex almost everyday. I am inevitable really lol. My time will come.

Medium: Pencil, Pen, Marker
Dimensions: 5X7 Inches
Time: 2 Hours, 30 Minutes
Ask: Not for sale.
Prints & more: https://society6.com/ocdthreepio
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