Title: Starry Starry Darkside


This piece was intended to be titled "Tree Two". The idea being that I practice drawing trees. Well, on my way home from work on a crisp & clear night I stopped briefly to snap a photo of Tree Two; This time of year the cityscape mostly looks like a desolate black n white wasteland painted in salt & charcoal. Its always dark by 5:00 PM & everything is cold, quiet & depressing... Fumbling about with my fat fingered gloves I managed to get my phone up and as I pointed it at the bridge something quite spectacular happened. Peering through screen I could see my phone lens was capturing the streetlights and scattering the rays. The result was these beautiful rainbow colored auras, orbs of starlight illuminating the bridge, the trees & my imagination. This scene unfolded before my eyes. It reminded me of Van Gogh's painting The Starry Night. And so I captured it in my own way. I hope you enjoy. This original piece is for sale, if interested please contact me. Also, all comments welcome. The good, the bad & the ugly.

Medium: Pencil, Pen, Marker
Dimensions: 9X9 Inches
Time: 19 Hours, 15 Minutes
Ask: $289.99 recommended minimum
Prints & more: https://society6.com/ocdthreepio
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