Morning Coffee, Something New

Day 14: Last night was my first live color session! I think it went well, a couple people joined me & left comments. Felt good, I was sad it had to end. Once I get going on this part of the process, I'm driven to finish. I actually woke up early this morning in anticipation of writing the mornings post. I'm hoping to do another live session this evening, probably around 7 or 8 PM. I'm experiencing some technical issues I'd like to iron out. Ironed or not, I'm committed. Check out my facebook group & follow for updates/notifications:

Title: Mushroom Melody
Medium: Pencil
Dimensions: 18X13 Centimeters
Time: 2 Hours
Prints & more:
#art #artlovers #artoftheday #illustration #pencil #mushroom


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