Morning Coffee, Something New

Day 15: I made a little more progress last night, had to call it an early night. I'm feeling run down this morning, I might be going a little too hard. I've been attempting to go warp speed at my 9-5 & go extra at my artistic pursuits. Like many of you I'm contending with mental & physical health issues that are being compounded by a dysfunctional health care system. Long long long waits between appointments, hidden costs, misinformation & a distinct lack of empathy. I've been trying to gain access to a specialty clinic & received a letter in the mail indicating I've been waitlisted & it will be three years or more to gain access to services. I try not to get deeply emotional about this kinda stuff, it is what it is but that news was soul crushing. I'm doing my best to keep my chin up, I got this, you got this, we keep flexing. No ones gonna keep us down.

Title: Mushroom Melody
Medium: Pencil
Dimensions: 18X13 Centimeters
Time: 1 Hour, 13 Minutes
Prints & more:
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